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Heavy Goods Vehicles on the migration route

Access roads and side roads often cut across guide walls that are usually positioned at right angles to a main road. At such points, ACO stop channels ensure that most of the smaller amphibian species and other small animals are safely guided to the nearest tunnel.

Tunnel and trap channel in one

As they make their way along the ACO guide system, animals are guided under access roads without hindrance thanks to the use of stop channels. Animals often stray onto the asphalt surfaces of side roads in the direction of the main carriageway. The gratings, designed specifically for amphibians, act as a trap: animals pass through the openings into the channel body below, able to continue on their way to the nearest tunnel crossing.

Multi-purpose cast-iron grating

Specially designed gratings with differing mesh widths have to perform several functions at once: amphibians must be allowed to drop safely through the large openings into the channel body, pedestrians must be able to walk over the stop channel without injury thanks to the narrower mesh widths in the central area, and heavy goods vehicles must be able to drive over the stop channel without risk of damage. Highly resilient, durable cast iron provides the ideal solution.

Adaptable for all surface structures

ACO stop channels are provided with protective cast frames. Asphalt, paving slabs and other fittings can all be adapted to interface neatly with the channel body. The ACO polymer concrete stop channel can easily be mitred in the channel body.

Sturdy cover for temporary closure of grating

Outside the migration season for amphibians, the grid can be covered over with flat plate covers. Depending on the situation, the entire channel run can be closed - or just a section of it, secured against theft with a small padlock.