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Aiming for the tunnel

For animals with ranges of up to several hundred metres, the guiding effect of a protection device is a vital component.

Guiding the way with the right design and the right materials

As cold-blooded animals, amphibians and reptiles are dependent on environmental factors such as temperature and moisture. As they move along a guide wall, the material it is made from will have a positive effect if it has low thermal conductivity, does not disorientate the animals and does not remove any moisture. The ACO guide wall has a dual protective rim to prevent animals climbing over the top and wasting energy finding their way to the nearest tunnel. Polymer concrete is the ideal material.

Vertical drainage for a dry road shoulder

Water is important to most migrating amphibians. The usability of the road shoulder - separated from the verge by guide walls - is ensured by dry substrates. With a vertical drainage joint between the components, the ACO guide wall ensures the resilience of the shoulder. A water-permeable geotextile that is placed on the rear side prevents root penetration and erosion of fine soil particles.

Curved elements for horizontal and vertical variations in terrain

Special radial elements allow guide walls to be installed in keeping with the unique terrain at each location, with little need for cutting. Vital guide ways for animals can be installed in harmony with the surroundings.

Mobile guide fences for roads and construction sites

Temporary fences are required where permanent facilities are not yet in place or where access to building sites needs to be prevented. In combination with systematically positioned traps, the mobile guide wall from ACO is ideal for recording and assessing the movements and numbers of amphibians and reptile populations.

ACO one-way fence for difficult terrain

Whether it be in forests, water meadows or difficult terrain, the ACO one-way fence panels are easy to transport and can even cope with complex installation scenarios. The installation work can be completed without the need to move large volumes of earth. It can easily be climbed over from the rear if required.